Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is truly a tough interview question especially in today's times. However, hiring managers are still asking it and many candidates still don't know what to say. Every answer will be unique so there's no easy one way to advise you how to answer. However, for some important do's and don'ts on handling this question, keep reading!


  • Describe a skill (that is relevant to the position) and state that you want to improve in that area. For example, you can say you want to drastically improve your communication skills and that it's something you aim to improve each day.
  • There's nothing wrong with saying you want a promotion! Go ahead and state that you hope to move up to the corporate ladder. Just don't tell the potential boss that you want his job during the interview! (see don'ts below!"
  • If you are applying for a sales job, tell the hiring manager that you aim to increase your income by 20-50% in the next 5 years! That's an answer sure to impress!


  • Don't describe the position as a stepping stone. We hear this a lot and hiring managers agree it makes candidates appear to be very uncommitted (especially if you already have short job times.)
  • Don't respond by saying you want the hiring manager's job. This is a pretty common response. It's fine to show confidence but this reply is sure to eliminate you from being considered.
  • Don't share goals that have nothing to do with the position. We see this one pretty often as well. For example, we hear candidates say they plan to return to school so they can become a pharmacist when they are applying for a non-pharmacy related job. Or candidates will say they plan to start their own business!

Tell me about yourself.

Don't you love when interviews start off like this? Ok, probably not. However, fact is, many interviews do start off asking this question. Truth is, we've seen candidates get overwhelmed, confused, and speechless over this simple question. Read on to find out how to dominate this pesky question!

Do Your Research

Before your interview, review the job description (believe it or not, we've seen many people show up for a job interview and thought it was for a totally different position!) Practice describing what your current job is and how you think your experience will make you the best candidate for the job.

Keep It Relevant

Stay on subject about the position you are interviewing for. Tell the hiring manager how your experience or accomplishments are relevant to the job opening you are applying for. If you discuss extra-curricular activities, just make sure they are relevant to the position. For example, if you play sports and you are applying for a sales job, tell the interviewer how being competitive can make you a more assertive salesperson!

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